Twinings - A cup of wellbeing


From the collaboration between Dadomani and Caffeina, comes the new Twinings green tea commercial.
Set in a spa immersed in nature, meticulously recreated by hand in miniature, the video blends live action with stop motion to evoke tranquility and well-being in order to effectively reflect the calming essence of the tea.

Client: Twinings
Agency: Caffeina
Director: Donato Di Carlo
Set Design / Animation: Dadomani
Assistant Set Designer: Adriana Napolitano / Marika D'Abronzo / Fabiola Dusetta
Dop: Patrizio Saccò
Post Production: Matteo Cassetta
Make up: Elena Rossi
Stylist: Valentina Moro
Mix & Sound Fx: Enrico Ascoli