Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano - Ristorantino Salamino


The Different Agency chose Dadomani to create five recipes for the Consorzio di Tutela of the Italian cacciatorino.
For the occasion, we recreated a traditional miniature restaurant where everything is surprisingly small, but authentic.
Tiny pots, scaled-down cookers and a unique atmosphere where the human touch delicately takes centre stage.
An engaging language for a culinary adventure that combines the magic of live action with the art of miniature cooking.

Client: Consorzio Cacciatore Italiano
Agency: Different
Director: Donato Di Carlo
Set Design / Animation / Post Production: Dadomani
Assistant Set Designer: Adriana Napolitano / Fabiola Dusetta
Food Stylist: Sara Costa
Dop: Patrizio Saccò
Mix & Sound Fx: Enrico Ascoli
Making-of video: Giacomo Bolzani