Club Salute - PAM

Club Salute, an Italian network of more than 70 pharmacies spread all over the country, entrusted Dadomani with the realisation of the video dedicated to its private label products.
As the group’s jewels in the crown, the essence of their formulation and the growth they trigger in pharmacies were conveyed through an evocative stop-motion chain reaction mechanism.
A solution that faithfully reproduces the effect that Club Salute branded products have on the customer in terms of wellbeing and on the pharmacy in terms of success.

Client: Club Salute
Director: Leonardo Ponzano
Set Design / Animation: Dadomani
Assistant Set Designer: Adriana Napolitano / Fabiola Dusetta / Marika D'Abronzo / Alessandro Corti
Post Production: Matteo CassettaDop: Patrizio Saccò
Mix & Sound Fx: Enrico Ascoli

Making-of pictures