Moleskine - Petrantoni

Promotional video

Moleskine and Dadomani come back together to promote the XL size notebook in a gift box with unique graphics created by Italian illustrator Lorenzo Petrantoni.
Based on the peculiar aesthetic, which is very reminiscent of the collage technique, the video is made using paper as the main element.
From the initially empty scene, in fact, a series of paper flaps, animated with the stop-motion technique, unfold and arrange themselves one after the other in the scene, composing what will be the graphics reproduced on the cover of the notebook.

Client: Moleskine
Director: Fabio Cirilli
Set Design / Animation: Dadomani
Assistant Set Designer: Fabiola Dusetta / Marika D'abronzo
Post Production: Giovanna Bonomi
Mix & Sound Fx: Enrico Ascoli
Dop: Patrizio Saccò