OVS - Magic Factory

"Magic Factory" is the result of the collaboration between Dadomani, DVLBBDO, OVS and Save the Children: a project made of live filming and handcrafted sets that materializes in the creation of a video promoting support for the less fortunate.
Immersed in a magical Christmas atmosphere, three kids discover the beauty of creating and giving together with the testimonial chosen for the occasion: the popular Italian singer Noemi. In a setting full of warmth and joy, this little story reminds us how a purchase gives people the opportunity to help others.


Client: OVS
Agency: Dlvbbdo
Direction / Set Design / Animation / Post Production: Dadomani
Assistant Set Designer: Adriana Napolitano / Marika D’Abronzo / Fabiola Dusetta / Alessandro Corti
Props Man: Ivan Citelli / Adriana Napolitano
Production Manager: Sara Spigariolo
Post Production Assistant: Alberto Bussoleni
Colorist: Luca Parma
Dop: Patrizio Saccò
Stylist: Susanna Ausoni
Makeup: Martina Sciortino
Phonic: Giacomo Colussi
Audio: Screenplay