Aspirina - Una stagione di Consigli

Edutainment series

In the second phase of “Una stagione di consigli” (A season of tips) edutainment project promoted by Bayer, Dadomani decided to animate the characters previously created to make them the protagonists of a series of gags that could entertain young people and at the same time convey useful information.
Each video debunks some of the false myths associated with seasonal illnesses and makes the public aware of the necessary measures to take to prevent them as well as the best treatments to adopt in case of contagion, always remembering to rely on authoritative sources and experts in the field.

Client: Bayer
Agency: Different
Direction / Character & Set Design / Animation / Post Production: Dadomani
Assistant Set Design & Puppet making: Marika D'Abronzo / Fabiola Dusetta / Alessandro Corti / Angiola El Kouba
Dop: Patrizio Saccò

Ep. 1

Ep. 2