Moleskine - Handwriting Day

Celebration video

Dadomani wins the international competition organised by Moleskine for the celebration of the Handwriting Day.
Through a mix of live action and stop-motion, the video invites people to unleash their unique voice by means of pen and paper.
It is thanks to these timeless tools that it is truly possible to express one’s own imagination, personality, culture and fill a page with memory, making words come to real life.

Client: Moleskine
Direction / Production / Post-production: Dadomani
Writing Collaborators: Gemma Di Carlo
Japanese: Hiro Ideshita, Saori Ohtani
Arabic: Osama Kezzo
Chinese: Ku Ku Cheung
French: Carole Lim
Sri Lankan: Cinzia Masoero and Lina
Calligrapher: Eyas Alshayeb
Dop: Patrizio Saccò