Skills - Nature has got them all - Ep.1 / 2 / 3


For almost 4 billion years nature has been researching and developing the tools that allowed life to spread everywhere on our Planet, from the depths of the oceans, till the highest mountain picks.
We usually consider Homo sapiens the most evolved species, however in nature we find creatures that have developed extraordinary strategies in order to survive in the most unthinkable environments .
If those strategies were so valuable as to secure life to be inherited through centuries of evolution, why don't we try to use them in our life journey?
Some animals suggest us the importance of being able to transform themselves in order to adapt to different environments, other animals make us reflect on the importance of sharing a goal with the right partners, and some others reveal the real meaning of a defeat.
The Skills project focuses on identifying those strategies and offers them to the human kind as cues useful to overcoming those challenges that every one of us has to face during our daily life, in every aspect of life, both personal and professional, regardless of age, gender and origin.

Concept / Direction / Design / Set & Puppet building / Animation / Post-production: Dadomani 
Animals research: Samuele Redaelli
Co/writer: Nicolo Lombardi
Cinematographer: Patrizio Saccò
Graphics: Carlo Gazzi
Music & Sound Effects: Enrico Ascoli
Audio Production Company: Screenplay
Voice: Kevin Howarth

Ep.01 - Puffer Fish