Club Salute - Christmas Box

Corporate project

Club Salute, a network that unites several pharmacies in Italy entrusts Dadomani with the Christmas Communication Project.
Given the impossibility of organizing the usual annual event, in order to strenghten the sense of belonging to the Group in the affiliates and leave a mark over time, we have designed and hand built 120 boxes to be delivered to each member of the network, containing the scale model of every single pharmacy and company.

Inside the box, a leaflet guides the pharmacist to discover some surprises. The first is a handwritten personal note by the staff of Club Salute, hidden in a test-tube in recognition of the individual and his value.
Inside the test tube, the pharmacist reads a second call to action that invites him to open a secret pocket, in which he will find a map of the network made up of pharmacies and companies connected by a network of Club Salute colored streets, a metaphor for the network.
Finally, on the map, the last call to action invites each individual affiliate to bring their own model with them to the event scheduled for 2021 in order to place it side by side to all the other models thus forming the whole Club Salute Network model, to prove that many single units become one bigger and stronger unit if connected by an effective network, and that being a part of it, means to grow.

Client: Club Salute
Concept / Design / Realization: Dadomani
Realization Assintants: Marika D'abronzo, Alessandro Corti, Fabiola Dusetta

The box