Salmoiraghi & ViganĂ² - Gli occhi dicono tutto


We created and built an anamorphic installation for Salmoiraghi & Viganò's shop window in piazza S. Babila, Milan. The installation was created around the concept “Gli occhi dicono tutto”, “The eyes say it all”.
The main piece represents a huge eye made up of more than 400 pictures and video, all placed at different height.
Its goal was to catch the attention of the viewers and to make them stop in front of the shop window. Only then would they discover that the big eye in front of them was an accurate composition of small images of eyes from all around the world. 
A perspective game, a change of point of view that underlines the importance of the gaze in the perception that others have of us. 

Client : Salmoiraghi & Viganò
Design / Production : Dadomani studio
Agency : Aqua Group
Art Director : Francesco Guerrera
Allestimento : Dadomani studio, Gamma Allestimenti