Pixartprinting - Il piacere ti ruba l'anima

kinetic installation

During the Design Week, Pixartprinting, leading company in the Upload&Print sector in Europe, asks our team to think and build a kinetic installation, to exhibit during the inauguration of the multifunctional space BASE MILANO. 
A complex project but so surprisingly simple: technology and material at the service of the pleasure of the beholder, an ongoing metamorphosis from white to the harmony of colours, an organic transformation inspired by blooming flowers. 
The art piece, called “ The pleasure steals your soul” has been fully made and installed by us, staying on for 6 months it was able to give a moment of marvel to the visitors.

Client: Pixartprinting
Concept: Dadomani and Pixartprinting
Art Direction: Carlo Migotto
Design: Dadomani studio
Graphics: Carlo Gazzi
Engineering: Matteo Cinzio Riva
Video: Giulia Caterina Massignan, Giacomo Bolzani