Eylea - Multi Subject


After the production of the two TV commercials successfully gone on air all over the U.S.A., the adventure of Eylea continues with a multi-subject campaign composed of more than forty photos, a stop-motion video of a minute and a half, and contents that immortalize the protagonists during the various moments of everyday life for the website of the product.
Two hundred and fifty extremely detailed objects and ten different settings were crafted for this occasion; an extremely accurate job done by Dadomani together with a new team of talented and experienced professionals from various parts of the World.


Client : Regeneron

Natalie Mancuso - Senior Marketing Manager - Ophthalmology

ArtDirection / Direction / Animation : Dadomani

Agency : Intouch

Brent Scholz - VP / ECD
Matt Linenbroker - Copywriter
Jimmy Lam - ACD

Production: Noble

EP/Partner : Mark Medernach

Animation : Bob Blevins

Puppet making : Alex Williams, Nadine Patterson, Lizzie Searle

Model making : Amandine Senny, Victoria Cloyes, Alix Laine

Dop : Patrizio Saccò

For 19 Below:

Executive Producer : Brad Slaughter

Producer : Susan Neuman

Creative Director : Joy Moeller