Dadomani - The Voice Over

Short Film

This short stop-motion film narrates about the drama of a man that suddenly wakes up in jail and starts a peculiar dialogue with a mysterious voice. During the course of the film, the voice appears to be more and more his voice.
Acting is the fundamental aspect of the video. The timing of the dialogue, the text, the tone of voice, the pauses and the puppet poses have all been designed and tested several times in live action first, in order to make the animation as realistic and as “human” as possible.


Concept / Direction / Set & Character Design / Post Production :  Dadomani studio

Cinematographer : Patrizio Saccò

Animation : Kecy Salangad

Music & Sound Design : Enrico Ascoli

Dubbing Track : Screenplay, Christopher Jones

Music : Isobel Compbell, Mark Lanegan - "Fight fire with fire"